Jewellery Care


As with all silver, over time your jewellery may tarnish. Each order comes with a little polishing cloth which can be used to used to remove tarnish and leave your jewellery nice and shiny again. You can also use a toothbrush with some gentle soapy water for a deeper clean. Remember to remove your jewellery before exercising, showering or using any lotions/perfumes, and keep out of the bathroom as the steam will speed up the tarnish. If you can, remove rings before washing your hands or using hand sanitizer. 

Gold Vermeil

Studio Vincent gold vermeil jewellery is recycled silver base with a coat of 2.5 microns of yellow gold. Whilst it is harder wearing than standard gold plated jewellery, over time the gold may fade a little. To keep your gold vermeil looking nice and bright, remember to remove your jewellery before exercising, showering and using any lotions or perfumes, and keep out of the bathroom. It is also advised against everyday wear.